Unlimited abundance is already yours

Just claim it!

Want a life of limitless fullfillment, abundance and joy? An understanding of these four spiritual laws can open the door to a better way of living.

From the author of the best selling self help book, The four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity*, Edwene Gaines.

Four part Class, by Kimberly Renollet Heck, Spiritual Leader.

Comming soon.

Prosperity Quiz

1. I consistently tithe (10% or greater) to the person, place or institution that feeds me spiritually: ___Yes___No

2. I have no fear about money:___Yes___No

3. I currently am abundantly prosperous in all of the following areas: health, relationships, work and finance: ___Yes___No

4. I have forgiven everyone in my life that I have ever held a grudge against: ___Yes___No

5. I have specific, tangible goals, weritten down with dates by which I wish to achieve them: ___Yes___No

6. I have a complete understanding about what it is I am here to do on this earth, and I am living in the alignment with that knowledge: ___Yes___No

Grading the quiz

If you answered YES to all of these questions, congradulations, you are prosperous! to reinforce your prosperity, come join the class beginning July 1st.

If you answered NO to one of the questions, then you are fantastic! to achieve even more abundance in your life, join the class beginning July 1st.

If you answered NO to two of the questions, then you are a spiritual being working to be in greater harmony with the spiritual laws of prosperity. Don’t miss the class beginning July 1st.

If you answered NO to three or more of the questions, you need to jump start your prosperity consciousness! Join us on talks on the Four Spirital Laws of Prosperity. com to the Sunday Morning Classes. Follow these principles and prosperity is guaranteed!

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